Monday, May 3, 2010

Guidance From Michael Ondaatje

I was reading an article (by John Intini) about Justin Rutledge, the singer-songwriter, who recently turned to the famous novelist, Michael Ondaatje, for guidance on a few songs he was writing.

The 31 year old Toronto, alt-country troubadour, is releasing a new album "The Early Widows" in May. The two collaborated on a song "On The Russian River" which did not, however, make the cut for Rutledge's current album.

What struck me was the second line written by Michael Ondaatje of a song called "Be A Man" ....."I am a pause in a storm on a dark stair whenever your name is spoken"..... Intini comments, as his millions of fans will attest, Ondaatje has always written with lyrical cadence.

Written by Monika Wright

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  1. I agree...that line is very powerful and conjures up very vivid images.

    Joanne Guidoccio