Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last night I felt like the prodical son, once again joining the group for our monthly dinner. Everyone welcomed me back into the group, and it wasn't very long before it seemed like I had never been away. I met three new people who have joined our group as well. I even won the door prize. I found out that people are actually reading my blog. Joanne told me where to look, so that I can see how many are looking. There have been 17 hits... I find that very exciting. We had a lengthy and very interesting discussion about other members of Dennis' writing class. One of particular interest to me, was Father Gregory. Dennis did not remember his last name, so I decided to look up "Father Gregory, Illinois" I thought it would be easy, and Joanne agreed that there couldn't be that many Father Gregorys in Illinois. Well... I got over 1,128,000 hits. It is indeed, a very popular name for a priest. Many of them are actually Abbots, too. So, I will have to set aside more time to look this fellow up, or Dennis, maybe you could remember his last name.
I am going to start my new book this weekend. With my husband working all weekend, it will give me some free time to get at it, and leave all my chores for another time...
I am looking forward to our next dinner and the conversation and information that comes along with it. We are indeed a very diverse and interesting group.